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Golden Nectar Extra Virgin Olive Oil has it’s roots in the north Salento, a region of Puglia with roads winding through centuries-old olive groves, rich in olive tree “monuments” sitting on red earth and awash with beaches in all shapes and forms and “caribbean” coloured water.

The hot summer sun ripens the olives to maturity and harvest is from October to November. We grow mainly Ogliarola olive variety and hand pick the olives at harvest. They are sent to the press within 24 hours and out comes a golden liquid, smooth and peppery at the same time, we call it Golden Nectar Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Recipes with Golden Nectar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I am a big fan of Italian olive oils and this one adds a beautiful aroma as well as flavour.

Taha Fezzani

Centuries-Old Olive Grove

Our property Diddy’s Country comprises 4 hectares (10 acres) of centuries-old olive grove. The working olive farm is tended to a few times a year to strengthen the trees from ploughing the earth and cutting the undergrowth to flattening the area around the trees by late August to allow the first olives to fall onto a smooth area. These olives will be too acidic and are typically being sold to the cooperative. For extra virgin olive oil the olives should possibly not touch the floor and be pressed witin 24 hours or harvest.

The Estate

Luxury holiday villa in the midst of our centuries-old olive grove. Four hectares of countryside bliss, a tranquil retreat to revive all your senses. Best location for sightseeing tours to some of the most beautiful towns and sights of the region.

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